Black Cap Coffee (and Beer)

Black Cap Coffee and Beer Stowe

It seems odd to post about a coffee shop on a beer-themed site, but then again Black Cap Coffee and Beer is a quirky little place, located on Main Street in Stowe Village.

In 2016 Black Cap expanded their shop, adding a section dedicated to craft beer, including a refrigerator case. Of course, little did they know that craft beer, especially of the local Vermont variety, would start to be so widely available. (Yes, yes, I know, a sister Black Cap opened in Morrisville village in 2017).

The result is that Black Cap Coffee and Beer now offers just about every variety, if not brand, of possible libation for sale in cans, bottles and coffee cups.

April 8, 2018 - Mead at Black Cap Coffee and Beer in Stowe, VermontYou can get:

  • Local Stowe and Vermont beers
  • A few favorite non-Vermont beers
  • Stowe Cider
  • Vermont-made Mead! (from Groennfell Meadery)
  • Wine
  • Kis Kombucha
  • And of course, coffee (Brave), expresso and tea

The Cicerone says: if you have a variety of drinkers to satisfy, Black Cap Coffee and Beer might be the place to try … and while you’re there, don’t forget to enjoy one of their paninis, blueberry muffins and other home-baked goods.

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