Eat Stowe: a social media resource for Stowe foodies

With Dine Stowe week starting today, we got the chance to interview the founder of Eat Stowe, a local’s guide to the best food & drink in Stowe, Vermont. Be sure to check out their website, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.  For those looking to sample the best of what Stowe has to offer, Dine Stowe restaurant participants offer fixed price menus for $20.17. 

1. What inspired you to start Eat Stowe and what was your background before?  What’s the main goal of the site?
My background is in marketing, and I have always been really interested in social media. I decided to start @EatStowe on Instagram, since I was posting too many food photos on my personal account. It has now evolved into a food blog, and the goal is to showcase the amazing foodie culture that Stowe has to offer and to help tourists and locals find places to eat. Whenever I am unsure of what I would like to have for dinner, I scroll through the @EatStowe account until I see something that catches my eye. It’s a lot easier to decide what you would like when you can actually see the food in photos, rather than just by reading a menu.

2. What have you seen change in the Stowe food & restaurant scene over the last few years?
It has been sad to see family run restaurants who have been in Stowe for many years close down, but there have been a lot of new restaurants come into town which have been really positive additions.

3. Increasingly, Stowe restaurants are becoming more “high end” — how does that impact the local community and what are your thoughts on this trend?
In my opinion, Stowe has a really great mix of both casual and high end restaurants, which benefits the local community. It allows us to stay in town and have the choice to go to a fancy dinner, or to just get some wings at your favorite ski bar. Many ski towns and small communities do not have a lot of restaurant options, so I think it makes Stowe very unique.

4. How has the rise in craft beer in Vermont driven interest in Stowe tourism and influenced the restaurant industry?
I’ve heard Stowe as being dubbed the “Napa Valley for craft beer” and I think that is pretty cool. Restaurants that brew their own beer seem to be very popular with the tourists, who are coming to Stowe looking to try as much craft beer as possible. I’ve also noticed that a lot of restaurants have been adding more beer taps to their bars in order to draw in the craft beer crowd.

5. What are your hopes for the next 5 years in the Stowe food scene?
I hope that Stowe’s food scene continues to grow, which I think it will. I would love for Eat Stowe to keep growing, and help Stowe become better known for the awesome food that we have!

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