Field Research: Trillium Brewing Company in Boston

The Cicerone was going to a Boston Celtics game recently and decided to call an audible … a pre-game visit for field research at Trillium Brewing Company in the Fort Point section of the Hub. I had been hearing a lot of great things about this brewery and its beer for a while. Having opened in 2013, these guys have been growing like crazy; not only do they have their main brewery site, but they also have a beer garden on the Rose Kennedy Greenway and a new taproom in Canton, Massachusetts.

After our Uber safely delivered us … to the back of the brewery, we went around in front and entered the lively fray of the first-floor bar (upstairs is Trillium’s restaurant). The place was jammed … a group had reserved some tables for an event.

We squeezed up to the bar and scanned the sizable draft menu … wow, almost 20 beers on tap, from stouts to sours to IPAs … it was overwhelming, but we dove in and made our first orders, then second orders.

We tried a total of four beers and this is what we found:

* Bumpkin Island (6.8% ABV) A very hazy, New England-style IPA, Heavenly aromas … pineapple and tangerine, and a definite hint of pine. Outstanding!
Appearance: 4.7 | Aroma: 4.8 | Feel: 4.6| Taste: 4.6 | Overall: 4.7

Headlong West Coast Double IPA (8.3% ABV) This beer is light and drinkable, although not at flavorful as the Bumpkin Island, it comes packed with a punch. Can you say pineapple, mango and guava?
Appearance: 4.7 | Aroma: 4.7 | Feel: 4.5| Taste: 4.6 | Overall: 4.5

Apricot Stonnington New England Wild Saison  (7.5% ABV) This beer just looked odd … almost no head. Lots of fruit aromas trying to break through, but, alas, they seemed to cancel each other out. Hard to go for this beer when there are better ones on this list.
Appearance: 4.5 | Aroma: 4.6 | Feel: 4.6| Taste: 4.5 | Overall: 4.5

Black Currant Soak American Sour Wheat Ale (6.4% ABV) Not too tart, and a definite aftertaste of berries. Looks great poured in a glass with aromas and flavors to match.
Appearance: 4.8 | Aroma: 4.7 | Feel: 4.6| Taste: 4.6 | Overall: 4.7

The Cicerone says: as you can see from my reviews above, I was tremendously impressed by the beer that Trillium puts out. Its by far the closest thing I’ve tasted to the Vermont craft brew scene. I’m looking forward to my next visit to one of their sites so I can sample even more of their great beers!

* Added to my Favorites List. I am on the look-out for these beers when at a local restaurant, pub, or craft beer store. In this case, the beer is only available on site at the brewery!

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