Frost Beer Works After Hike Up Camel’s Hump

Frost Beer Works

After a hike to the top of Camel’s Hump where I was surrounded by one big, cold cloud (what was I thinking?), my friend and I traveled the short distance to Hinesburg, Vermont to check in on Frost Beer Works and see what is on tap to close out the day. The 2 1/2-year-old Frost Beer Works brewery is located in a small commercial plaza not far off Rt. 116. There are micro-breweries, big breweries, and brew-pubs. Frost falls into the former category. They seem to be just focused on the beer … that is, making good beer.

There was a small crowd present as we shuffled our sore muscles up to the tasting counter. For $3 we were able to sample the four brews October 14, 2017 - The tasting line-up at Frost Beer Works in Hinesburg, Vermonton tap that day.  I started with the Pony Boy American Pale Ale (5.5% ABV, 40 IBU) … a little too bitter for me.

I then moved on to the Fall Ale (6.0% ABV, 35 IBU) … this had traces of dark, amber aftertastes and was pleasant.

Next was the Golden Boy, a simple IPA (6.0% ABV, 55 IBU) which is part of Frost’s “Research Series”, i.e., they are testing this beer on human subjects  before expanding production. My personal research gives it a thumbs up.

Finally, I took a taste of the Blush, a double-IPA (8.0% ABV, 80 IBU), that, although high on the IBU range, is actually quite pleasant due to the gentle sweetness (strawberry?) of the aftertastes.

All the beers we tasted were available to purchase in growlers. I went for cans this time and departed with four packs of Golden Boy and Plush (8.0% ABV, 80 IBU), which, I was promised, was akin to the Blush that I had tasted.

The Cicerone says: Frost Beer Works makes good beer. If you can’t make it to the brewery, no problem, as four-packs are starting to show up in Stowe-area stores.

Frost Beer Works
171 Commerce St, Hinesburg VT
Open only Friday 4pm – 7pm and Saturday Noon – 7pm

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