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Situated just off Main Street in downtown Northfield, Vermont sits Good Measure Brewing Company, tucked next to a coffee shop … turns out Good Measure is not so far from Stowe! I had the pleasure of popping into this nanobrewery on a Sunday afternoon, just after opening. There were a couple of regulars seated comfortably at the small bar, but otherwise, I had the place to myself. Check that … looks like the flood gates had opened, and I needed to get my beer samples and find a table.

Good Measure debuted in the Fall of 2016 … the brewers are dedicated to brewing fanciful, small-batch beer creations.

I had the pleasure of getting my samples directly from Andrew, one of the founders … this is what I found:

September 2, 2018 - Samples at Good Measure Brewing in Northfield, Vermont

East Street Bitter (ESB) (4.8% ABV) An English-style bitter with a fantastic, dark amber color. Good drinking beer.
Appearance: 4.8 | Aroma: 4.4 | Feel: 4.4 | Taste: 4.4 | Overall: 4.5

*Payroll (7.0% ABV) An American Pale Ale, loaded with hops (Simcoe, Columbus, Mosaic, Falconers, Centennial) and just oozing with aroma and taste.
Appearance: 4.6 | Aroma: 4.7 | Feel: 4.5 | Taste: 4.7 | Overall: 4.7

Measure 23 (4.8% ABV) An English-style bitter; made with real blueberry muffins … the taste stays on your tongue long after you’ve sipped!
Appearance: 4.5 | Aroma: 4.4 | Feel: 4.4 | Taste: 4.8 | Overall: 4.6

Second Breakfast (4.4% ABV) A farmhouse ale with some very light, almost too subtle, hints of mint and grapefruit.
Appearance: 4.3 | Aroma: 4.3 | Feel: 4.3 | Taste: 4.3 | Overall: 4.3

The Cicerone says: Good Measure Brewing Company offers up some real beer-tasting treats. The tap room is only a few minutes off of Interstate 89, so if you have a free hour or two, its worth a side trip.

* Added to my Favorites List. I am on the look-out for these beers when at a local restaurant, pub, or craft beer store.

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