Get Your Homebrew Supplies at 1st Republic Brewing Company

What to do on a cold (-8 F) and windy day? Tend to my home brewing! However, I quickly realized that the particular recipe I was crafting called for “secondary fermentation”, and I would need another carboy for the process.

So I got in my car and then persevered through that cold, wind, and swirling snow … as well as the several cars that had found themselves “offroad” … 1st Republic Brewingand arrived at 1st Republic Brewing Company in Essex, Vermont. In addition to being a fine brewery (see my earlier post), 1st Republic carries a large assortment of homebrew supplies. Sure enough, one of the principals, Shawn, hooked me up with a six-gallon “Italian” glass carboy, stopper, airlock and the all-important cleaning brush.

I was set to depart and get back to my beer hobby, when suddenly I was beckoned over to the bar. January 6, 2017 - Ardent Concession IPA at 1st Republic Brewing Company in Essex, Vermont“Taste this!”, Shawn’s wife said. The “this” was a sample of Ardent Concession which they were canning that day. Ardent Concession is an American IPA at 7.0% ABV and is made with Mosaic and Citra hops. Oh, what a sweet IPA! Crisp and dry with a very slight, fruity finish. After I finished off the sample, I peered outside at the snow pummeling down … hmmm, tough choice. I turned back to Heather and ordered up a pint of 1st Republic’s classics, Denial IPA (6.5% ABV).

The Cicerone says: Grab a pint of some fine beer at 1st Republic Brewing Company and then head into the homebrew supply aisles to fantasize about your own creation.

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