Lost Nation Brewing for Sale: A Craft Beer Oasis Seeking New Guardians

Lost Nation Brewing in Morrisville, Vermont is up for sale!

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of craft breweries, Lost Nation Brewing has stood as a shining gem, captivating beer enthusiasts with its exceptional brews and welcoming atmosphere. (see our reviews of Lost Nation Brewing brewery page) However, as with any chapter in life, change is inevitable. The news of Lost Nation Brewing being listed for sale has sent ripples through the craft beer community.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Morrisville, Vermont, Lost Nation Brewing emerged on the craft beer scene in 2012. Founded by Allen Van Anda and James Griffith, two passionate beer lovers, the brewery quickly gained a reputation for its commitment to quality and unique flavor profiles. With a focus on producing traditional European-inspired beers, Lost Nation Brewing struck a chord with beer connoisseurs seeking a departure from mainstream brews.

Lost Nation Brewery is not just a place to enjoy great beer; it’s a hub where people connect, unwind, and share their love for the craft. The taproom, adorned with rustic charm, has become a gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. The friendly staff and warm ambiance make it the perfect setting to sip a pint, engage in lively conversations, and forge lasting friendships. From regulars who have frequented the brewery since its inception to curious newcomers, Lost Nation Brewing has fostered a tight-knit community.

Lost Nation Brewing’s success can be attributed to its commitment to brewing excellence. Their core lineup includes a range of flavorful beers that cater to various palates. From the crisp and refreshing Lost Galaxy IPA to the complex and malty Gose, each brew is crafted with precision and passion. My favorite has always been the Petit Ardennes, a Belgian Pale Ale style beer. Over the years, Lost Nation Brewing has received numerous accolades and awards, solidifying its reputation as a brewery of exceptional quality.

In addition to the beer and taproom, Lost Nation is renowned for its casual three-season dining, with a Vermont BBQ theme. There’s nothing better than enjoying a pint of fresh ale along with a 1/4 pound hot dog! The location is especially convenient for those riding along the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail who need a well-earned break!

Beyond its delicious brews, Lost Nation Brewing has played a pivotal role in supporting the local community. Through collaborations with nearby farmers, they prioritize sourcing ingredients locally, contributing to the area’s agricultural economy. The brewery also hosts charitable events, fundraisers, and collaborations with other local businesses, fostering a sense of camaraderie and giving back to the community that has embraced them so wholeheartedly.

A New Chapter Awaits … While the news of Lost Nation Brewing being listed for sale may evoke a sense of uncertainty, it also presents an exciting opportunity for someone passionate about craft beer and community to take the reins. The next owner has the potential to build upon the solid foundation that the founders have established, adding their own unique touch and continuing to captivate beer enthusiasts far and wide.

So, who will be the next flag-bearer of the Lost Nation!

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