Rock Art Brewery at 20 Years

Rock Art Brewery Morrisville VT

Twenty years … twenty years! That’s eons in the Vermont brewing scene, and that is how long Rock Art Brewery has been crafting its brews in the town of Morrisville, Vermont. I’ve stopped by this brewery more than a few times (always easy to spot the trailer with Rock Art Brewery in Morrisvillethe iconic logo off Rt. 100), and I recently visited again with a gaggle of family.

Our group ordered some flights of samples (8 per flight) and went to work. First impressions: Rock Art has really upped their beer game, probably driven by the stiff competition now surrounding them on all sides.

My thoughts:

  1. Rcok Art Brewery Tasting Room listRiver Runs Gruit (5.2% ABV). This is a non-hopped ale … i.e., its flavored with a mixture of herbs. Very interesting, hard-to-describe taste
  2. Black Currant Saison (5% ABV). A Farmhouse-style ale with a hint of the black currant … not overpowering at all. Loved this and took home a 1/2 growler.
  3. Bohemian Pilsner (5% ABV). Pretty straightforward and drinkable pilsner lager.
  4. Ridge Runner (7.2% ABV). Classified as an “English Barleywine”, this is one of Rock Art’s classics.
  5. Vermonster (10% ABV). Another barleywine and another Rock Art classic. Pours with a reddish-brown color and displays a nice head. Drinkable … and potent.
  6. Stump Jumper Stout (5.8% ABV). Medium-dark pour … definite chocolate overtones.
  7. Limited Access Double IPA (7.5% ABV). Smell the aroma of pine as you lift your glass to drink! Add some citrus undertones and you have a very nice beer to sip in the winter. Purchased a couple of 4-pks of this.
  8. Twin Tip Double IPA (8% ABV). A good DIPA, moderately bitter, but doesn’t have the flavor of the Limited Access.

The Cicerone says: don’t sleep on Rock Art … it’s easy to get to, the staff are friendly, and the beers are varied. If available, go for the Black Currant Saison … otherwise, you are sure to find one that appeals to your taste.


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