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Sun, Fun, Beer at the 2018 Stowe Brewfest

The weather gods and goddesses looked down upon the 2018 Stowe Brewers Festival on August 3rd/4th and liked what they saw. Stowe was beset by much needed rain, but somehow (see divine intervention above) the deluges occurred before, in between and after each of the three 4-hour festival sessions (Friday […]

Best New England Beer Line-up for Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s the Patriots vs. Eagles in Super Bowl LII! Kick-off is at 6:30’ish PM Eastern time, and with a 30 plus minute half-time show, you’re easily looking at 9:30 PM for the game to wrap-up. Add pre-game hype and commercials to the front-end (starting lunchtime), and you’re talking 8 to […]