Mystery solved … Upper Pass “First Drop” is brewed in Stowe

Upper Pass Beer First Drop

So this weekend I was debating which brewery to visit, when a friend dropped by, and we got down to drinking Vermont craft beers straight-away … no time to trek to a new venue. When I produced some Alchemist Heady Topper, I also produced a big smile on my friend’s face … I told him to go easy with this elixir, especially as it was only 1 pm, and we were about to set off into Sterling Forest for a hike with the dogs. As it was, I needed to drag him along through the woods as the full effect of HT kicked in!

Once comfortably relaxing post-hike, I peered at my collection of beers in the refrigerator, and my eyes spotted a 4-pack of Upper Pass Beer Company’s “First Drop”. Seemed like a good choice for a late Saturday afternoon. Now my friend, imbibing his second HT of the afternoon, chimed up, “Where is that beer brewed?”. Hum, good question, I thought.

Much to my surprise, Upper Pass “First Drop” is brewed in Stowe! After a little research on line, I discovered that, while Upper Pass Beer Company is based in Tunbridge, Vermont, the brewery is so small that they have partnered with Von Trapp brewery to actually make larger quantities for distribution.

“First Drop” is a good drinking APA at 5.9% ABV. It features Azacca, Centennial, Mosaic and Citra Hops. It has a fine, golden orange color and a decent head … light on the palette, it finishes with a gentle citrus touch.

So, I not only solved the mystery of where Upper Pass Beer is made, I managed to “visit”, sort of, another brewery this weekend! Hah!

The Cicerone says “Purchase Upper Pass First Drop at Stowe Public House“.

Upper Pass Beer Company
Turnbridge, VT

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