What Vermont beers are made with Mosaic hops?

Mosaic Hops

Mosaic hops are a trademarked brand of hops developed and released by the Hop Breeding Company (HBC).  Mosaic hops arrived on the scene in 2012, and are increasingly seen in craft beers as a standalone hop feature.  

Mosaic hops are recognized for the fruity aromas, and related to Simcoe and Citra hop varieties. A very popular hop for use within IPAs and known for having a clean bittering tail to the flavor.

Many Vermont craft breweries are using Mosaic hops as an ingredient in their IPA offerings. In the Stowe area, you can often find the below beers that contain Mosaic hops either at Stowe beer retailers, breweries, or Stowe restaurants.

If you like Mosaic hops, we recommend looking for beers that contain Galaxy, Citra, or Simcoe hops as similar alternatives.


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